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3 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe From Break-Ins While You're On A Long Vacation

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If you are planning a long vacation, you may be anxious to get away and enjoy some relaxation time. However, you may be a little anxious about keeping your home and valuables safe while you are gone. If so, use one or more of the following tips for keeping your home safe from break-ins.

Refrain From Announcing Your Trip On Social Media Networks

Before and during your vacation, you may be so excited about your trip that you want to tell the whole world, including posting your plans and pictures on social media networks. However, you may want to avoid sharing your plans until after you get home from your trip.

While you may think you know everyone on your list, you may have inadvertently accepted a connection that could be scouting for victims of break-ins. If they have your name and city, they may be able to easily find out where you live. Since not everyone on your friends' list is necessarily your friend, post your pictures and stories after you get home

Stop Your Mail

One sign that nobody is home at your house would be a week's worth of mail spilling out of your mailbox, since most people check their mail every day. To keep this from happening, go to the post office, and request a form to stop your mail for the length of your vacation. You can opt to have your mail restarted the day after you get plan on returning.

If you are unsure of your exact return date, mark on the form that you will pick up your mail. When you come home and go to the post office to retrieve your mail, you can then request to have it restarted.

Use Timers For Televisions And Lights

When you are home, you probably have a set routine at night for having your lights or television sets on. If a burglar is staking out your house, they most likely know this routine as well as you do. If you suddenly leave and they notice that your house is dark, they may see this as the perfect opportunity to break in.

To create the illusion that someone is still home, use timers for the main lights and your television sets. Set them to turn on at the approximate time that you usually do, as well as set the timers to go off. Also, stagger the timers to closely match your routine, such as moving from the living room to your bedroom at the same time every night.

Using the above tips can help you keep your home from being burglarized. However, if you are still worried, you may want to speak with a security company about having a monitored alarm system installed.