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3 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe From Break-Ins While You're On A Long Vacation

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If you are planning a long vacation, you may be anxious to get away and enjoy some relaxation time. However, you may be a little anxious about keeping your home and valuables safe while you are gone. If so, use one or more of the following tips for keeping your home safe from break-ins. Refrain From Announcing Your Trip On Social Media Networks Before and during your vacation, you may be so excited about your trip that you want to tell the whole world, including posting your plans and pictures on social media networks. Read More»

4 Ways To Add Security Features To Small Business Phone Systems

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Setting up a digital IP phone system is a great way to organize your business and connect to consumers, but it also comes with security risks. Anything that is connected to a server or the internet has the possibility of being hacked or manipulated. Call logs, voicemail messages, and tapping into phone conversations are just a few of the problems that can occur. Instead of leaving your system vulnerable, look into these four ways to add security features to your small business phone system. Read More»